About the Master's Business: is a monthly newsletter sent via snail mail free of charge for the asking.  The newletter is not an update of events,
but a word of encouragement to help you in your spiritual walk and growth. 

Coffee Break Daily Email Devotional is sent Monday thru Friday to your Inbox.  Free of charge 

Speaking engagements: Lorraine is available to speak at seminars, conferences, retreats, revivals, fellowship groups and churches. 
She will speak at either women's meetings or mixed groups of men and women.

"Mirror, Mirror On The Wall" Women's Conferences: Spiritual Makeovers for the woman that is inside of you.

Recovery Center Ministry: Thursday morning church service at New Haven Recovery Center.  We also provide clothing and hygiene kits,
as well as Bibles to the clients who have these needs.

Outreach: helping to meet various spiritual and physical needs

Nursing Home Ministry:  Every other Tuesday morning church service, as well as ministering to the spiritual and physical needs of the residents.

Other ministries we give to: send Bibles to our soldiers overseas, help support overseas missions.


                                                                                       ATMB has also partnered with Randal Lee Ministries
                                                                                      an evangelistic ministry to youth.  Visit the website by
                                                                                      clicking on the banner.

                                                      We are partners with Revolutionary Life foreign missions. 
                                                      Take time to visit their
                                                      website.  Click on the ministry icon.

    The latest addition to the ministry is a 10' x 24' storage building,
    plus a storage unit that the Lord blessed us with so that we would have
    more space to take in donated items.  We are so thankful for this provision.
    If you live in the area, we take donations of clothing,
    household items, toiletries, Bibles, etc.

    If you would like to talk to us personally about the
    ministry you may contact us by
    phone  (601) 833-5278
    or email us- mastersbusiness@bellsouth.net

Your prayers are also desired as we endeavor to do the work that the Lord has called us to do to reach this world for Christ.

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